• Garantie à vie sur vos réparations peinture.
  • Carrosserie BRUNO SA
  • Un service 5 étoiles.
  • Accès direct depuis la route de Meyrin, à deux pas de l'aéroport.
  • Atelier et outillage de dernière génération.
  • Réparations toutes marques.
  • La solution économique pour les petites réparations.
  • Restauration véhicules anciens
  • Traitement CeramicPro

BRUNO SA Auto-Body Repairs

Chemin du Plantin, 2a
1217 Meyrin, Genève ( Map )

Tel: +41 (0) 22 341 05 51
Fax: +41 (0) 22 341 05 92
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Opening hours

Monday to Friday
7.30 - 12.00 13.30 - 18.00
Saturday Morning (only appointment)
9.00 - 12.00

Tram stop 14-18 Jardin-Alpin

Why Us?

  • Over 22 years of experience.
  • Five-star services.
  • Paintings Lifetime Warranty.
  • Free replacement vehicle.
  • Modern and Advanced Equipments and Tools.
  • The best value for money.

4 more reasons to trust us...

For paintings repairs of vehicle, we use hydrodiluable-base products of Cromax (formerly known as Dupont).

These products comply with the European Directive on VOC, the famous directive concerning "Volatile Organic Compounds", which are the source of pollution phenomena.

As a certified workshop for the program of Cromax lifetime warranty, we guarantee the quality of the painting repair with giving you a lifetime warranty.

This is the commitment we make to you with our lifetime warranty program that offers you a 30 year warranty on repairs carried out with CROMAX products.

Spectrophotomètre To assess the best matching color, we use a spectrophotometer called ChromaVision. This device helps us quickly and effectively identify the best matching color for your vehicle, whether for solid colors, metallic or pearl colors.

We are also able to perform paintings on various types of substrates such as plastic, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, etc...
Do not hesitate to contact us, whatever your request might be.

DuPont Refinish is now called Cromax®.

In 2013, Axalta Coating Systems introduced Cromax®, the new brand name of DuPont Refinish: one of the biggest international brands of painting for automotive repairs.

CromaxDuPont Refinish is the world leader in automotive painting. It has established the Five Star network in 1989 with the goal to enhance the service quality of its members to offer a "five stars" service for private clients, insurance, leasing and fleet companies.

The objective of DuPont Refinish is to help its professional members to achieve perfect efficiency and profitability in terms of auto reparation.

DuPont Refinish is the ideal partner thanks to its innovative painting systems. DuPont is not only the world's leading provider of colors used by car manufacturers, but is also one of the largest providers of automotive paint repair. Constant innovations, top quality and excellent reliability make DuPont Refinish the ideal partner, both in the field of passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles and trucks.


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