• Garantie à vie sur vos réparations peinture.
  • Carrosserie BRUNO SA
  • Un service 5 étoiles.
  • Accès direct depuis la route de Meyrin, à deux pas de l'aéroport.
  • Atelier et outillage de dernière génération.
  • Réparations toutes marques.
  • La solution économique pour les petites réparations.
  • Restauration véhicules anciens
  • Traitement CeramicPro

BRUNO SA Auto-Body Repairs

Chemin du Plantin, 2a
1217 Meyrin, Genève ( Map )

Tel: +41 (0) 22 341 05 51
Fax: +41 (0) 22 341 05 92
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Opening hours

Monday to Friday
7.30 - 12.00 13.30 - 18.00
Saturday Morning (only appointment)
9.00 - 12.00

Tram stop 14-18 Jardin-Alpin

Why Us?

  • Over 22 years of experience.
  • Five-star services.
  • Paintings Lifetime Warranty.
  • Free replacement vehicle.
  • Modern and Advanced Equipments and Tools.
  • The best value for money.

4 more reasons to trust us...

-Stay calm and courteous

-Fill in an accident report

-Contact us as soon as possible

How to correctly fill in an accident report?

Its observation allows you to determine the important facts for insurance companies. This is an essential piece for prompt damage compensation. When completed correctly, this paper worths more than a police report.

It is recommended that always have a European Accident Report in the glove compartment of your car. To obtain a blank copy, please contact your insurance company. Or just visit our workshop!

Consider, when possible, taking pictures of the location of accident before moving anything (today, almost everyone has a digital camera photo often it is even integrated with our mobile phone).

How to fix it? It is up to you!

You have complete freedom to choose your auto-body repair shop. By trusting a professional member of FCR, it will follow the manufacturers' standards and rules of the art.

Whatever your insurance company and place of the accident are, do not forget that it is you who chooses the best auto-body repair shop for your vehicle.


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